Photo courtesy of  Ashley Kauschinger.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Kauschinger.

About Melissa Kreider

Melissa Kreider (b. 1993) is a recent MFA graduate of The University of Iowa and holds a BFA in Photography from the University of Akron. Melissa’s work examines sites of sexual violence against women and how the justice system archives these reports as well as the evidence that is collected. Her work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally. Melissa Kreider is a Graduate Teacher of Record at the University of Iowa, in the Art and Art History Department. She reads more books then she should and owns two cats; a hardened street cat named Asphalt, and a cat with thumbs named Valentino. Melissa is the founder and curator of Don’t Smile, an online space dedicated to showcasing photography by women artists. Click through to Don’t Smile here.