Provincial Field Notes

curated by Melissa Kreider

Making pictures of one’s surroundings is well-charted territory, one of the oldest traditions in the history of photography. Provincial Field Notes investigates this tradition with ten sets of fresh eyes. The show surveys how the landscape and its inhabitants are being described by a new generation of photographers from across the continental United States. Provincial Field Notes is a show comprised of ten photographers from across the continental United States making straight, place-based pictures of land or the people who inhabit this land. The works of two photographers from each region of the country are presented—Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West.

The works in Provincial Field Notes address a broad range of topics: the importance of clean energy, the banality of suburbia, the lifestyles of a region, the rolling hills of the south, the decaying of the rust belt, or the lonesome west. The ten artists within this show come from diverse backgrounds. The wide scope of styles gives the audience a balanced taste of not only what our country looks like, but an opportunity to perceive similarities between our country’s regions and among our population. With a sprawling country like ours, it is easy to lose any feeling of universality. Provincial Field Notes urges us to regain a sense of connection.

Elle Olivia Andersen
Daniel George
Ethan Aaro Jones
Amanda Mollindo
Greer Muldowney
Adam Neese
Paul Sisson
Melissa Stallard
Mallory Trecaso
Chelsea Welsh

Installation images from The Emily Davis Gallery, Akron, Ohio

Show Card from Provincial Field Notes